Fri Mar 20 Trade Signals and Journal

Long 1 NQ 7320.0, -3.25
Long 1 NQ 7311.5, -3.25
Long 1 NQ 7398.4, +40.0
Total NQ +33.5

Continued with a 0ne-and-done strategy, using the first available swing signal presented. The earlier the swings, the more volatile of late, and if the entry model remains valid through the fractal extension, tends to survive the successive stop-outs attempting to catch the reversal swing back through. Sticking to a 1-lot management for the most part as well, but did notice that while working the NQ somewhat painfully, the RTY offered a sweet gimmie entry into the same reversal whip.. Pretty hard to concentrate on more than 1 contract at a time these days... it comes fast, and goes even faster...

Have an appointment in the AM on Monday, so most likely will not be back in time to call the frame. Stay safe, stay home.