Thur Mar 26 Trade Signals and Journal

Short 1 RTY 1134,0, -0.1
Short 1 RTY 1134.3, -0.1
Short 1 RTY 1135.1, -1.5
Short 1 RTY 1142.0, +10.2
Short 1 NQ 7632.0, -3.25
Short 1 NQ 7631.5, +28.50
Total NQ +25.25
Total RTY +8.5

So much different about today's early action than yesterday, although both began with an initial surge upward. ...and these 1st trend moves are nothing to sneeze at.. ....and please don't. The difference to our success were the clearly established Sell Entry Models in the initial surge, completely lacking in yesterday's early pop. The result, today provided a great set of profits as that surge reversed ("If it goes up fast, it seldom lasts", my mentor would always remind me....) Whereas yesterday, no such entries were revealed to short that initial launch, even though the RTY made an incredible 30 pt move straight upward. So, I was left with trying to buy the falling pullback in the 2nd trend, always a riskier endeavor, and got crushed like the witch beneath the falling house. Stay aafe...