Mon Mar 3 Trade Signals and Journal

Long 1 RTY 1468.1, +4.0
Short 1 RTY 1476.6, -1.6
Short 2 RTY 1480.7, 1408.7, +4.0, +4.8
Total RTY +11.2

Continuing to take advantage of the tremendous 'sweep' afforded by fractal reversals in this extreme volatility environment... especially the initial swings just after the O.R.B. Note how choppy and with what stutter-step did subsequent reversals and breakouts exhibit. This works exactly again the typical trader psyche. He wants to let things 'settle down' so that his fear and anxiety might be assuaged. But just as things become more calm, do they also become more irregular, and the ensuing grind and faux reversal action does more to cause damage to capital than the volatility in the early going that he deemed so wise to avoid. Thus the market continues with its most notable characteristic: to encourage trading to do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. (Dr Van K. Tharp, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, McGraw-Hill)